As luck would have it by Zoe May

One holiday can change your life forever…

Natalie Jackson might keep up appearances on Instagram, but in reality her fiancé has just jilted her after the birth of their baby and she’s moved back in with her mum. Life isn’t exactly going to plan!

So when she enters the village raffle for the holiday of a lifetime, she thinks she has no chance of winning. But her name is pulled out – and, as luck would have it, so is a ticket bought by her childhood nemesis: Will Brimble.

Surely a romantic holiday for two is the worst idea ever…right?

i found as luck would have it a light, fun summer read, it was sweet and refreshing and i generally did enjoy it. i enjoyed the characters through out the book and found at certain point through the book i ended up laughing out loud. It is an enjoyable romance, a very light easy read, no angst or drama with some moments of humour.

I found the ending to be some what rushed I felt as if the story could of been abit longer but other than that I did enjoy it.

My rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Author -Zoe May

Publication date – 4th July 2019

Publisher- HQ Digital


17 thoughts on “As luck would have it by Zoe May”

  1. Oh!!! I know this didn’t completely work for you, but I think this is a book I NEED to have! It sounds like a cute, quick read and I’m craving some of those right now haha!

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